Festivity Cakes

Moist Yellow or Chocolate layers iced with your choice of Buttercream or Whipped Cream Frosting

Golden Festivity Cake

Three yellow cake layers with white buttercream icing

Chocolate Festivity Cake

A simple chocolate favorite, Three chocolate cake layers with white buttercream icing and chocolate buttercream trim.

Double Chocolate Festivity Cake

Doubly good for chocolate lovers! Chocolate layers inside and chocolate buttercream icing on the outside. Finished with melted chocolate on top.

Mousse Cakes

Lighter and fluffier than buttercream, cakes iced with mousse give you a super-moist and flavorful cake alternative.

Vanilla Mousse Cake

Three layers of yellow cake, Iced inside and out with vanilla mousse. Decorated with swirls of chocolate icing.

Double Chocolate Mousse Cake

Three layers of chocolate cake, iced inside and out with chocolate mousse. Decorated with shaved chocolate.

Tiramisu Mousse Cake

Coffee soaked yellow and chocolate layers are filled and frosted with a fluffy Tiramisu-style mousse. Finished with chocolate shavings and lady finger biscuits.

Fancy Tortes

Fancy and elaborate, these cakes will impress and delight your guests...

Black Forest Torte

An exquisitely decorated chocolate delight. Three layers of chocolate cake, filled with whipped cream, chocolate fudge icing, and black cherries. Outside iced with whipped cream. Decorated with marachino cherries and chocolate curls.

Carrot Cake

Three Layers of carrot cake. Two fillings of cream cheese icing. Decorated with buttercream carrots and pastry crumbs.

Fresh Strawberry Cake

Two layers of yellow cake and one layer of chocolate cake. Filled with fresh strawberries and glaze. Outside iced with white buttercream and flowers or whipped cream and strawberries on top.

Fresh Strawberry-Banana Cake

Same as strawberry cake, but with one strawberry filling and one banana filling.

Specialty Cakes

Light Angel Food Cake

If you want it light, consider 3 layers of angel food cake, iced with a not-too-sweet whipped cream in a scalloped finish and fresh fruit on top.

White Chocolate Cappuccino Cake

3 yellow cake layers with a Cappuccino-flavored filling and frosting. The outside has a scalloped finish and trimmed on top with white chocolate shavings.

German Chocolate Cake

A rich chocolate creation, with three layers of chocolate cake, iced with coconut in caramel and finished with melted chocolate on top.

Hazelnut Torte

Using a traditional Lithuanian recipe, hazelnuts are "ground by the pound" for this torte. Three layers of flourless hazelnut cake, filled with Cranberries and chocolate buttercream. Outside iced with chocolate icing and buttercream and decorated.

Custom Cakes

Let us know if you have a specific request. A variety of fillings are available, including Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon, Custard, as well as Caramel, Pineapple, Fresh Bananas, Fresh Strawberries & Chocolate Mousse.

Logo & Photo Cakes-- We can reproduce an edible image on the cake of your choice. Send an email of your image to and we'll do the rest.
An extra charge may apply for specific "theme" cakes, corporate logos or elaborate decorations.

Single layer Cakes


Choose from three types, all in our 9" size:

  • Plain Cheesecake

  • Marble Cheesecake

  • Cheesecake with Chocolate Chips

(12 - 16 servings) - 119.95 Whipped cream and Fresh Strawberry Trim - Add $3.00 "Turtle" Cheesecake with Caramel Add $3.00

Decadent Chocolate Cake

As single-layer flourless cake that triggers chocolate delight as it melts in your mouth.. large (8 - 12 servings) - $19.95

Fruit Tart

Graham Tart filled with pastry cream, covered with fruit and gleams with glaze. Large 9" tart (8 - 12 servings) - $19.95